Love Alchemy

Love, Alchemy
by Eden Ashley
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Suspense
Daveigh Little is preparing for college, planning to leave behind the tiny
hick town she’s spent her entire life in once and for all. But
plagued by troubles at home and school, Daveigh makes a series of bad
choices that land her in hot water with a local kingpin. Suddenly,
people around her are dying and Daveigh finds herself on the

And then there’s Ethan. Fresh out of the academy, Ethan Remington
represents the authority Daveigh has come to despise, but she is
inexplicably drawn to the handsome rookie of few words. From the
first moment she laid eyes on him, Daveigh knew Ethan was different.
She just didn’t realize how different. Reasons of his own have led
Ethan into the tangled strands of danger within the town of
Harpey…but those reasons aren’t nearly as mysterious as Ethan’s
origins or the irresistible passion between them.

**Contains Mature Content**
After graduating first in her class at the University of Smartassery, Eden
moved to a small, sunny town in SC where thunderstorms have inspired
her best ideas. When not daydreaming about her next novel, Eden can
be found curled up with a musty old paperback and a cup of
coffee…or mired deeply in her next plot to take over the world. She
enjoys reading or watching anything with supernatural elements, so
writing paranormal and fantasy is a natural fit.

Her Amazon Bestselling series begins with DARK SIREN, a suspenseful
paranormal romance that possesses a unique mythology–having gained
praise from Publisher’s Weekly for it’s passion and complexity.
Banewolf, Blood Chained, and Primed Son complete the saga.
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