Bad Uncle

Bad Uncle
Family Portrait Book 5
by Gillian Felix
Genre: New Adult Drama, Contemporary Fiction
Who needs enemies when you’ve got family
The stars are aligned in Adriana’s favor, but secrets have a way of
exposing themselves just when everything is perfect. As Adriana and
Haze’s relationship heads south, Carys is ready to pounce. Will
Adriana’s lies drive the man she loves into the arms of another?
Meanwhile, Zax is finally with his dream girl, but why can’t he get his best
friend’s girl out of his mind? When she turns to him for advice on
how to be a better girlfriend, can he put his selfish desires aside,
or will he follow his siblings and take what he wants despite the
When Kevin’s lifestyle puts innocent L’Wren in danger, his retaliation
brings his ruthless uncle back to Los Angeles and into the lives of
his family. In Bad Uncle, you’ll get to know the man who has the
power to change the legacy of the Banovic family forever.
For Readers 18+, Can easily be read as a standalone!
Gillian Felix has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She
enjoys creating characters that could be your next-door neighbor, but
would you want them as your neighbor is another story.
Originally from the island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Miss Felix moved to
the United States in 1998. Since then she has been involved in the
entertainment industry for over ten years. Her experience ranges from
script supervisor to production manager on many independent features.
She is trained in the Meisner and Stanislavski technique of acting,
which she credits as an asset to her character development and
Miss Felix is also an entrepreneur and advocate for children’s and women’s

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