Beautifully Decadent by LA Fiore

Beautifully Decadent by L.A. Fiore Series: Beautifully Damaged #3 Genre: Contemporary Romance Release: June 28, 2016 Avery Collins has just landed her dream job, pastry chef for the posh-Manhattan restaurant Clover. Her new boss, Trace Montgomery, even helped with securing her an affordable place to live: a beautifully restored carriage house owned by his friend,… Continue reading Beautifully Decadent by LA Fiore

PRAISE HER, PRAISE DIANA by Anne Rothman-Hicks & Ken Hicks

PRAISE HER, PRAISE DIANA by Anne Rothman-Hicks & Ken Hicks GENRE: Thriller Content warning: Mention of rape, castration, and non-graphic F/F sex scenes. A woman going by the name of “Diana” has started to kill and castrate men in New York City. Her modus operandi is sweet seduction and then a knife to the heart… Continue reading PRAISE HER, PRAISE DIANA by Anne Rothman-Hicks & Ken Hicks


Summer Heat: Love on Fire by Caridad Piniero, Nina Bruhns, Rebecca York, Jennifer Lowery, Taylor Lee, Traci Hall, Stephanie Queen, Kathy Ivan, Jackie Ivie, Michele Hauf, Rachelle Ayala, Katy Walters, Melissa Keir, Dani Haviland, Jacquie Biggar, and Angelique Armae Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: May 24, 2016 16 All New Contemporary Romances from NY Times, USA… Continue reading SUMMER HEAT: LOVE ON FIRE