Provoked by Angela Ford.

PROVOKED by   Angela Ford Official genre of book: Romantic Thriller Her husband's actions provoked her but his death haunts her. Did Basia get away with murder? Basia offers help to three abused women. Adam Crawford owns the Brownstone where these women live. Adam is fed up with the domestic disputes and drug deals in… Continue reading Provoked by Angela Ford.


Bluegrass Trilogy by Alice Ward & Jessica Blake

Willful and self-entitled, Auggie Langford has enjoyed privilege all her life. The daughter of a wealthy equine family in Kentucky, her life is ideal. Except for her bitch of a mother. And the man who makes her insides twist. Bent on embarrassing his father, Worthington LaViere, III uses his position as a highly respected psychologist… Continue reading Bluegrass Trilogy by Alice Ward & Jessica Blake