Music, Ink, and Love gets a MAKEOVER!

Hello readers,

For a few months, I have been thinking about revamping the covers of the Ink Series. The thing is, I really like the girl on the cover of Body, Ink, and Soul. For me, it represents Nix 100% but Music, Ink, and Love had something MISSING. The guy was good looking and pretty much how I had imagined Levi. The problem – WHERE WERE THE TATTOOS?

So while I was looking at stock pictures for another book I’m working on, I saw this guy with both arms fully tattooed and I knew he was my Levi. Call me crazy if you want but I knew I had to change my cover. Yet, it took me weeks of thinking before I ask my cover designer.

I finally did last night and she came up with the result today. She made my day. She’s amazing and I can’t stop recommending her. Kari March Design.

Are you ready to see the new Levi? I know I am!



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