Music, Ink, and Love gets a MAKEOVER!

Hello readers, For a few months, I have been thinking about revamping the covers of the Ink Series. The thing is, I really like the girl on the cover of Body, Ink, and Soul. For me, it represents Nix 100% but Music, Ink, and Love had something MISSING. The guy was good looking and pretty… Continue reading Music, Ink, and Love gets a MAKEOVER!


Tendrils by Holly Barbo

TENDRILS Where ’What if’ becomes ‘What is’ AUTHOR: Holly Barbo COVER DESIGNER: The Graphics Shed GENRE: Short story collection covering the following genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Sci-fi thriller, Sci-fantasy, Contemporary, Contemporary Thriller, Historical Fiction and Fantasy Stories come from any number of places. One could start from a memory, a photo in a magazine or… Continue reading Tendrils by Holly Barbo

Sunstone by Holly Barbo

SUNSTONE AUTHOR: Holly Barbo GENRE: Steampunk Thriller COVER DESIGNER: JC Clarke EDITOR: Sheenah Freitas The steam-powered civilization of Myrn is a thriving adolescent culture. But the rapid industrial development has given rise to greed, and the triumvirate of government, banks and industry leaders has lost sight of those it is supposed to serve and protect. When… Continue reading Sunstone by Holly Barbo