I’ll Have the Last Laugh by Dashunda Deas

Title: I’ll Have the Last Laugh
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: Out now!!
Miya’s life is one of tragedy. Born from the most unspeakable circumstances and with a horrible illness, she’s been ostracized by most of her family and shunned by the town she grew up in. The one constant in her life is her sister Tiffany. After graduation, Tiffany hopes that going to college out of state will give Miya the chance for a new life.
Now on her own living the life of a normal college student, Miya’s making friends and falling in love.
All is not what it seems when it comes to her first boyfriend, though. When the relationship ends after the tragic death of her best friend. Miya must learn to deal with the aftermath.
Will she be able to recover, move past the tragedy and learn what true love is before her illness takes her away from everyone who loves her?
“My husband is going to need help because when I’m gone, he’ll be lost. I need you to help him find that happiness he’ll need in order to continue living because his life won’t be over, no matter how he feels.”
Antwoine walked in at that point and asked, “Are you finished yet? Y’all have been in here talking and I’m jealous.” Miya said, “Just come here, my big baby.”
He walked over to the bed and climbed in with her. Miya looked at both Star and Tee and said, “Don’t forget what I told you.”
Tee walked over to his sister and said, “I love you.” Miya replied, “I love you too.”
Dashunda Deas was born in the Bronx, but moved to Charleston, SC as a teenager. She has five children, three boys, and two girls. She’s always wanted to be a writer and does it the old-fashioned way, by putting pen to paper. She has many stories swirling around in her head, from children’s books to adult contemporary romance and can’t wait for you to see what’s next.
She is a vocal advocate for safe sex and the prevention of the spread of the AIDS virus, having watched her mother succumb to the devastating illness in 1994. She is always spreading the message to others and hopes that this story will help change people’s minds about their life. Her biggest hope is that by educating others about the spread of HIV and AIDS, she can help prevent others from succumbing.
Remember, “strap it up” and “no glove no love” are the best ways to protect yourself.
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